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blueguide inc. consultant, Nilou Noursadeghi is committed to the needs of patients, families and caregivers who are searching for help in identifying genetic testing options for their unique situation.

Nilou Noursadeghi, blueguide consultant

After shadowing a genetic counseling session with a pancreatic cancer patient, Nilou Noursadeghi grew a desire to study genetics in pancreatic cancer.

In her third-year undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Nilou learned that advancements in genome science and technology are evolving the oncology field rapidly towards the direction of personalized treatment plans using genetic testing and targeted therapy. Oncologists can work with genetic counsellors on testing patients for genetic risks for cancer, interpret test results, and discuss what it may mean for the family. Yet, many patients are unaware or do not have easy access to this fascinating opportunity. Thus, Nilou planted a vision to open a virtual genetic counseling service to provide timely access to genetic counsellors worldwide.

With great enthusiasm and high academic achievements, Nilou earned a scholarship to study spatial transcriptomics on pancreatic cancer tissues in the Genome Science and Technology UBC Master's Program and become a teaching assistant in the advanced molecular genetic undergraduate courses. She blended herself so well into the lab that she became a co-author of 4 publications within only two years of her research while running the UBC Genetics Club. But suddenly, Nilou's academic and career desires became significantly personal. On May 17th, 2021, Nilou's mother was diagnosed with terminal stage IV pancreatic cancer. During this time, Nilou reached out to her professor to work on her mother's case and discuss options for genetic testing. While Nilou's mother was receiving chemotherapy, she designed a Ph.D. project to understand the role of drugs on the metabolic health of stage IV pancreatic cancer patients.

Today Nilou is even more committed and motivated to improve cancer care for oncology patients and families with the most cutting-edge science available. 

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