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Husband finds support in stabilizing the condition of his young wife with metastatic stomach cancer

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Blueguide helped us resource an important specialized genetic test opening a door to new treatments

Kyle, Husband Of Cancer Patient works with blueguide

Kyle & his Wife

Kyle - Husband

Type of Cancer:

Gastric Carcinoma - Diffuse Linitis Plastica

Client Journey:

"During the time of diagnosis, and for the subsequent 7 months, a physician from blueguide provided invaluable help. They were available for the critical time needed - offering and explaining their expert knowledge on how to access and understand genetic testing and treatments. We were even able to receive an insightful protein profiling study at a major academic research lab free-of-cost as a result of her support letters and arrangements on our behalf.

As the husband of a cancer patient, I know that this company provides a MUCH needed service for clients and family members.

"To this date, we continue our interactions with this physician at blueguide – fortunately, my wife’s disease is currently stable."

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