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blueguide is a private consulting service that provides intelligence, information and optimal resources for personalized cancer management efficiently from home

blueguide Cancer Consultants, Clinical Studies Worldwide

universally accessible resources for oncology patients

We are an collection of oncology professionals that offer patient-directed information to our clients.  

While acknowledging the urgency and contemporary complexities surrounding cancer care options, blueguide is designed to offer assistance through virtual or direct interactions as per the convenience and timing of our clients.

navigation consultation

For individuals with cancer to access support in navigating and expanding personalized treatment options

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high-risk consultation

For those concerned about their cancer risk to optimize their knowledge and access of prevention and early detection tools

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enhanced care services

For individuals with cancer and families to explore and obtain virtual services to support their needs along the journey

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individually focused, globally connected

By facilitating connections between our clients and those who deliver cancer therapy we aim to promote gold-standard, cutting-edge care in a highly personalized manner.​

Our relationships with technological,  academic and clinical partners world-wide in the oncology arena have evolved from our clinical knowledge and direct research experience at top academic centers.  

blueguide Cancer Treatment Consultants

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solid professional relationships that benefit our clients

Thr​ough ongoing interactions with institutional researchers, independent laboratories and biopharmaceutical industry leaders, we maintain current awareness of new opportunities, next generation testing and emerging clinical trials.

We continue to also build upon our knowledge and awareness around the offerings of alternative practitioners, integrative medicine providers, and a number of local or remote complimentary treatment facilities. 

We understand that several of our patients wish to explore and understand complimentary oncology strategies and services according to individual preferences. 

We take time to get to know you and your circumstances, once your goals have been established, we will help customize appropriate strategies that align with you. 

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