high-risk cancer screening

blueguide has initiated a prevention / early detection program to help individuals understand their personal risk of developing cancer

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assessing your risk of cancer

Our Personalized Assessment Screening System (PASS) is designed to help individuals understand their personal risk of developing cancer from an inclusive multi-factor perspective.

This offering is meant for individuals who have not been diagnosed with a malignancy, yet wish to receive the insight and tools available if they are deemed to have an increased risk.

We aim to deliver information with care and compassion - we want to see others optimize their future, prevent illness, detect malignancies early, and live freely and well.

Our vision is to help motivate and empower others to define their risk factors, establish prevention practices, and, in some cases, detect cancer early. 

initial consultation

The first step is an introductory call with brief life-style / medical history review. Next, following a comprehensive review of obtained clinical records, a virtual consultation with a physician who will listen carefully and consider a variety of known, evidence-based, risk factors from lifestyle- to genetic- to environmental- to clinical- correlates.

We then offer individualized recommendations on life-style strategies, relevant screening indications, and / or special tests available to further reduce risk and improve outcomes. There is a one-time fee for the consultation.

additional services

After the recommendations have been provided, we move forward with clients at our hourly rate.

We provide clients with support through the following: 

  • access and additional guidance
  • genetics counseling
  • dermatology specialist assessment
  • full-body MRI
  • biomarker / early detection lab testing 

find out if blueguide can help

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