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This page offers answers to a few of the common questions we receive from cancer patients and their families. If you don't find the information you are looking for, please send us an email.


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How long have you been in business?

As a formal resource, we have been working on oncology cases in the treatment navigation arena since November 2015.

We initially started with patients from the United States who wanted to have consultations and participate in clinical trials within Canada.

Since this time, the number of Canadian case requests have risen above – we continue to help patients both locally, or in other countries, seek treatment opinions and options within and across borders.

Where do you offer services?

We are open to helping patients located anywhere. Our services can be provided exclusively virtually (through phone and internet).

Although our knowledge and expertise primarily regarding institutions, academia and research are within North America and Europe, we are also able to provide support regarding information and trial opportunities coming from many other countries.

Are you able to consult in languages other than English?

Although we do not have an official translation department – we are able provide communication through a third party language service if needed.

How are consultants matched to patients?

We have a range of experienced consultants to pull from - the assignments are dictated by the nature of our clients oncological concerns.

What kind of cancers do you deal with?

blueguide provides services to individuals diagnosed with any kind of cancer. A few examples of disease sites and pathologies include: small cell lung cancer, glioblastoma multiforme, head-and-neck squamous carcinomas, metastatic gastric cancer, breast cancers, colorectal adenocarcinoma, non-hodgkin’s lymphoma, metastatic melanoma and leukemias.

How do I correspond with a blueguide consultant?

As an online company, blueguide can be accessed from anywhere. In private, meetings occur virtually - either by phone or online via internet-based video chat.

After the consultation, further communication and reports are provided by account placement, e-mail, or similarly phone meetings.

Can a family member be primarily involved with blueguide on behalf of a patient-client?

It is not uncommon that a family member, spouse or caregiver makes contact with blueguide regarding their loved one.

As we highly respect and acknowledge these relationships, discussions and interactions may take place with the patient and/or with their families.

Could blueguide help me understand cancer treatment principles - surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy as they pertain to my diagnosis and management?

Taking the time to understand biological principles and treatment concepts in oncology is very important for many individuals.

blueguide can explain the scientific strategy behind therapies in a concise and clear manner. We can take the time to have all questions answered without some of the time constraints or anxious feelings of being in a clinic or hospital setting.

Can blueguide help me understand specific medical literature or trial publications related to my disease and pathology status?

Customarily, patients and caregivers have many questions regarding what they read online from various sources, from scientific journal publications to biopharmaceutical press releases. blueguide may be able to decipher and simplify such medical literature to make it understandable to an inquiring client.

How do I share my hospital reports with my blueguide consultant?

In many cases we are able to assist clients without looking at a single hospital record. However, depending on needs and requests, it may be beneficial to review biopsy results, imaging reports, or other laboratory test values as specific details may help us further when arranging consultations or exploring a particular clinical trial.

Most patients share their health documents with blueguide – our consent form outlines our policy on the release and sharing of clinical documentation from their institution of diagnosis, as well as a confidentiality and privacy agreement between the client and blueguide inc.

Can blueguide let me know the difference in treatment options if I were to go to another hospital?

For several clients, we are able to explain what treatment options may be available to them if they were to go to an alternate cancer center.

Often, there is a particular treatment technology or modality that one hospital is equipped with, while another may have particular specialty expertise that may lead to expanded treatment options for a given disease or tumor type.

What if I want to see an expert physician at a specific cancer center?

Depending on a particular patient’s need, assistance with the referral for a second opinion may be coordinated in order to further expand and optimize treatment options.This may be arranged directly at a cancer hospital, or through a telemedicine consult.

What kind of information can I expect to receive about a clinical trial?

blueguide can offer support in the search for an appropriate clinical trial. When applicable and desired by the individual, we may also reflect on corresponding medical literature, discuss lead-up phase trial results, or provide a review of emerging evidence on approved therapies.

Could blueguide help me understand what local or remote treatments may be covered by the government or by health insurance?

Often we can assist with outlining which therapeutic options or investigative tools are standard or currently funded in your country.

blueguide may also be able to inform you of compassionate funding possibilities, early or special access programs regarding drugs that are nearing approval, treatments presently off-trial, or other therapies that are available in other countries.

Can blueguide help me understand if new biologic agents, immunotherapy, stem cells, vaccine therapy or next generation sequencing could be useful for me?

blueguide often searches for and summarizes therapies and technology along these lines in the context of a particular diagnosis.

We may be able to take things a step further to help a patient gain access to these modalities through a consultation or trial.

What kind of prevention strategies does blueguide help explore?

Our consultants have experience with answering questions regarding a number of evidence-based or alternative prevention approaches. A few of these include:

  • Genetic testing from original pathology sample and access to these publicly or privately available genetic studies
  • Nutritional supplements, vitamin drip therapies, naturopathic medicines, and dietary changes
  • Tobacco cessation tactics and resources, vaccination therapies, other forms of risk reduction
  • Stress and anxiety relief, counselling psychological

What other services can I get connected with through blueguide?

blueguide is connected with a number of experienced public and private health care practitioners.

Depending on your location, our consultants can either directly facilitate or make informed recommendations regarding specialized allied heath – nutrition, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, etc.

Could blueguide tell me about clinical trials available in the remission setting?

Many surveillance or prophylactic treatment trials are available to patients who have been cured or are in remission.

blueguide can explore studies occurring within the national and international, public & private spheres that may be of interest regarding your diagnosis and your goals.

What can blueguide tell me about treatment options if my cancer recurs?

As is done for patients first diagnosed with a cancer, blueguide can research consultations, clinical trials or technological solutions that may be beneficial to consider in advance if a recurrence occurs or if your disease spreads.

At the request of some clients, blueguide has also outlined ways to optimize care for potential palliative needs.

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