Dr. Arun Ghoshal

blueguide inc. palliative care consultant, Dr. Arun Ghoshal, MD, is an expert in early palliative care and personalized treatment

Dr. Arun Ghoshal, MD, is a distinguished physician specializing in early palliative care, with a focus on personalized treatment options. He is known for his profound understanding of the complex needs of cancer patients and their families, particularly in diverse sociocultural contexts. Dr Ghoshal is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance from the earliest stages of cancer care, helping patients navigate the extensive choices of supportive care and symptom management available with modern treatment modalities, including immunotherapy, targeted therapies, and precision medicine.

Dr. Ghoshal is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, and Bengali, enabling effective communication with a broad spectrum of patients. With a dedication to enhancing the quality of life and improving patient outcomes, Dr Ghoshal helps to navigate integrating early palliative care into the cancer treatment process, ensuring that patients receive holistic support from diagnosis through treatment and beyond.

Dr Ghoshal earned his medical degree from North Bengal Medical College and completed specialized training in palliative medicine at Tata Memorial Hospital in India. He further advanced his expertise through clinical and research fellowship training at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, University of Toronto. Additionally, Dr Ghoshal holds a Master’s degree in Translational Cancer Medicine from King’s College London, highlighting his commitment to integrating clinical practice with leading-edge research.

Over the past decade, Dr. Ghoshal has been actively involved in clinical research focused on early palliative care in cancer treatment, contributing to numerous publications and receiving accolades at national and international conferences. Dr. Ghoshal’s approach is profoundly shaped by the mentorship and collaboration of esteemed colleagues and faculty advisors. His exposure to the multifaceted oncology landscape enables him to offer innovative and patient-centred care, emphasizing the importance of early palliative intervention to enhance the overall cancer care journey.

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