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our blueguide consultants are currently accepting new clients. Learn more about our services and what to expect during the process 

what to expect 

Overall, the blueguide infrastructure is ultimately based on adapting patient-friendly information with responsive compassionate insight, driven by the particular needs of an individual.

blueguide is set to maintain a holistic approach concentrated on the client throughout their cancer care experience.

Emphasis is placed on quality, interpersonal relationships and delivery regarding reports and communication.

Globally and futuristically, the platform serves to enable potential avenues and collaborative strategies that may further optimize the client’s understanding of, and access to, resources and options across cancer treatment sectors.   

the process

The blueguide team is committed to ensuring a smooth consultative process which meets your individual cancer case management needs. 

service fees

All new clients may schedule a free introductory assessment with one of our personal, physician consultants.

connect with cancer patients

If you are a current or past cancer patient, and would like to connect with other cancer patients with a similar diagnosis or other cancer survivors, please let us know. 


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During your first contact with blueguide, we'll determine if we can help you. There is no risk, and no obligation. Just people who care.

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