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With a diagnosis received out-of-country, blueguide helps daughter of a stage 4 prostate cancer patient find options

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Blueguide helped bring my father back into expert-level care immediately

blueguide helps Daughter of Stage 4 Cancer Patient

Melissa & her Father:

Melissa - Daughter

Type of Cancer:

Stage 4, Advanced Prostate Cancer

Client Journey:

"I did not know where to turn when my father was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 prostate cancer.  Initially, his investigations were done in a foreign country and we didn't know how to make the shift back to home. A blueguide physician consultant was instrumental during these darker days where time was moving quickly and I was lost; searching for answers. The opportunity to immediately and directly discuss biopsy results, symptoms and progressive complications, and even financial assistance issues as we moved him back to us was invaluable.

Through our navigation-consultant, we were put in touch with top specialists at the nearest oncology center of excellence. This is something we would not have known about. Not only did our consultant help with recommendations for an urologist-oncologist, she went steps further in suggesting a radiation specialists, and walked me through what I could expect, every step of the way.

Even after his treatments began, our consultant continued to keep in touch regarding my father’s therapy and total health - this physician was my rock throughout all of this and, without the supportive navigational assistance, I could not have coped as I did.

Ultimately, when were told that there wasn’t any more that they could do, our consultant recommended an excellent palliative care facility for my father so that he could be comfortable. Sadly, my dear father lost his battle with cancer in January, 2015. I want to say thank you for the unwavering help we received when searching and managing through the treatment of his horrific disease. The physician we worked with is someone that I will always hold very near and dear to my heart for everything that she did for us."

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