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What does Coronavirus mean if you have cancer

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What does Coronavirus mean if you have cancer

Cancer patients likely at the highest risk of contracting a transmissible virus are those that are currently on immune-suppressive drugs, or those fighting an active cancer.  While hormonal treatments, radiation and surgery are probably lower on the risk-scale for critical consequences of the viral infection, chemotherapy generally places higher stress on the immune system – the potential for critical, prolonged COVID-19 complications is higher.

Blueguide offers oncology-specific telemedicine consultations, if you have further questions about your personal risk - individualized precautions, how to tell if you are immunocompromised, what to do if you are experiencing respiratory symptoms, etc…

For more details, see what MD Anderson, Texas has published regarding general coronavirus precautions for cancer patients: https://www.mdanderson.org/patients-family/becoming-our-patient/planning-for-care/coronavirus-protections.html#.XnUHeEh6kDs.mailto


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