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COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on cancer patients treatment

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COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on cancer patients treatment

CAMO conducted an on-line national survey from March to April among Medical Oncologists to better understand the implications of coronavirus on cancer care.  Questions covered important issues surrounding demographics, COVID-19 risk, personal protective equipment usage, personal challenges and chemotherapy management. 

Among the results, over 30% reported no routine use of PPE in clinical practices. Over 70% of oncologists were concerned that a patient would be COVID-19 from them.  70% weren’t sure if they would have adequate PPE access at work over the course of the pandemic.  

Additionally, 64% of physicians cancelled follow-ups for cancer patients.  54% completely stopped accruing new patients to clinical trials at their centers. Nearly 60% expressed moderate to high concern that patients would not receive sufficient care if they became seriously ill from a non-COVID illness.

During presentation of results, it was summarized that much is to be learned about alternate methods of care delivery – such as telemedicine – that will change practice under normal conditions.

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