Celine Gill

blueguide inc. genetics consultant, Celine Gill is a certified genetics counselor committed to the needs of patients, families and caregivers who are searching for help in understanding genetic implications regarding their personal situation

Celine Gill is a Canadian and American-Board Certified Genetic Counsellor. She obtained her Master of Science in Genetic Counselling degree at the University of Toronto.  Here, she completed hereditary oncology training at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Familial Cancer Clinic, SickKids Cancer Genetics Program, and SickKids Cancer Sequencing Research Program.

Following graduation, she worked as a clinical genetic counsellor with the neurogenetics team and hereditary cancer team at the Alberta Children’s Hospital and has now joined Blueguide Inc. as a genetic counseling consultant.

Celine is passionate about collaborating with healthcare professionals, patients, and families to increase access to personalized, comprehensive and supportive genetic services, as well as optimize information, guidance, and resources provided to those impacted by cancer.

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