Dr. Kate Barrett

blueguide inc. consultant and founder, Kate Barrett has gathered a team committed to the needs of patients, families and caregivers who are searching for help in identifying the best options for their unique situation

Dr Kate Barrett | Cancer Consultant

Through several previous endeavors, the founder of blueguide inc., developed a compelling desire to create a personal, integrative, navigational enterprise that uses innovative, highly accessible support for the individual cancer client.

Her vision for the future is a network of global avenues that promote optimal advancement and acceleration of the science and therapy of this critical and compassion-filled niche in medicine.

Over several years of clinical oncology experience, an unmet need was recognized. She saw a trend of similar patterns of questions among cancer patients with various diagnoses.

The solution she envisioned was an intelligence and information service accessible to patients outside of the institution or hospital, with the goal of easing the struggle and emotional distress experienced by some patients, and their family members, as they attempt to understand their diagnosis and proposed management, in such a time-and attention-sensitive manner.

Kate Barrett obtained her medical doctorate at the University of British Columbia, followed by five years of Radiation Oncology residency training at the University of Toronto.

In addition to working at the British Columbia Cancer Agency, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and Odette Cancer Centre during clinical training, she began to develop a broad-ranging perspective that includes local rural issues, as well as the general global burden on cancer medicine.

This is exemplified through past clinical work at the London Regional Cancer Centre, Southlake Regional Health Center, and Kingston General Hospital in Ontario, Canada, the Peter MacCullum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, Australia, the Moorabbin Hospital – Monash Cancer Centre in Victoria, Australia, the University of Washington Medical Centre in Seattle, Washington, US, St. Stephen’s Hospital in Old Delhi, India, Clinica Maskaras in Lake Chapala, Mexico, and Kikuyu Hospital in Kenya, East Africa.

In parallel with these wide-reaching experiences, over fifteen years were spent piloting and performed laboratory and clinical-based cancer research, submitting publications, receiving national and international conference awards. Additionally, she was successfully accepted to Harvard’s Masters of Medical Education program.

With the support and inspiration from numerous mentors, colleagues and faculty advisors, exposure to the oncology arena has come from multiple angles – including hospital, academic, industry, government, research and private patient settings.

Kate Barrett leads blueguide inc. with a strong awareness of public cancer health, ethics and advocacy, ongoing research and collaborative efforts across various treatment and support sectors continue to heighten the quality and strength of this differentiated platform for the cancer patient.

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