With private, a blueguide professional will become your personal agent in knowing your situation, and finding timely answers and solutions to your specific concerns about cancer. 


The blueguide team has assisted patients comprehensively with a variety of different diagnoses, stages and prognoses. Whether you have a specific question, or are seeking second opinion, put our blueguide consultants to work for your health.

Private E.Consulting with blueguide inc.

your needs. your speed. your process.

Our private service begins with an introductory health review, followed by our research and a report back to you.

We speak your language and can move quickly to help you globally source the latest information and clinical trials.

Our goal is to assist you in providing a top level independent experience wherever you are.

we offer comprehensive, accessible global expertise.


streamlined guidance to relieve stress

We understand the challenges that come with managing all the information streams available to cancer patients.

From diagnosis to remission and on-going therapies, we help guide our clients through the process with care and compassion, while exploring all of the available options for the duration of your journey.

get the information you need to make the decisions that are right for you. 

Streamlined Guidance from blueguide inc.

find out if blueguide can help.

During your first contact with blueguide, we'll determine if we can help you. There is no risk, and no obligation. Just people who care.

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