the blueguide team is committed to ensuring a smooth consultative process which meets your individual cancer case management needs.  

Scope of Process

Overall, the blueguide infrastructure is ultimately based on adapting patient-friendly information with responsive compassionate insight, driven by the particular needs of individual.

blueguide is set to maintain a holistic approach concentrated on the client throughout their cancer care experience.

Emphasis is placed on quality, interpersonal relationships and delivery regarding reports and communication.

Globally and futuristically, the platform serves to enable potential avenues and collaborative strategies that may further optimize the client’s understanding of, and access to, resources and options across cancer treatment sectors.   



Step One

After reaching out through our basic contact form, we will arrange our first meeting with a blueguide consultant for an introductory intake and history review.

Step Two

The initial introductory intake meeting is done virtually either by phone or though a face-time chat, according to your preference.

A blueguide consultant will listen and record your specific patient situation and questions.

After determining how we can help, an initial consultation is then arranged.

Step Three

The initial consultation takes approximately an hour and involves more comprehensive questions and answers regarding your personal history and medical background.

Following this initial consultation, a case evaluation and summary is generated.

As our client, we outline key concerns that can be addressed - we may also suggest potential resources or treatment options that might be beneficial.

Additional meetings may then be arranged.

We create personalized accounts that capture discussion points from all meetings - these profiles are available for client reference.

find out if blueguide can help.

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