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Hospitals and treatment centers have various capabilities and capacities regarding surgical or radiation technology, molecular pathology tests, or genetic sequencing methods. Timely and expanded access to the world’s top resources through blueguide may help to make the most informed decisions.

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Whether seeking an online consultation, or wishing to visit an alternate cancer center, blueguide may facilitate these critical interactions quickly and seamlessly depending your unique situation.

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Thousands of clinical trials across phase development are open to accrual at locations around the globe. Blueguide outlines study design, distills entrance criteria and simplifies access to personalized options when you or someone you love is living with cancer.

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blueguide is a private consulting service that provides patient-centric information and resources to expand options in cancer management.

Our consultants offer those diagnosed with cancer a path toward accessing advanced technology, expert physicians and emerging evidence.  Through a process directed by our clients, we explore and detail answers regarding personalized cancer treatment. We are committed to the needs of patients and their families who are searching for help in understanding therapeutic choices, especially in the context of current clinical research and real-world evidence.  The goal of our service is to support and simplify the process of identifying the best options available for a patient's unique situation. 

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blueguide cancer resource management consulting

Individual Concerned. Globally Connected.

Matching individual cancer management needs to current global resources. 

blueguide is an online private resource that offers personalized, accessible information for oncology patients. While acknowledging the contemporary complexities of cancer care options, blueguide is designed to offer assistance to those with cancer, their family members or caregivers, in understanding management options and decisions on treatment.

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blueguide aims to clear the horizon, bringing information that is relevant and actionable. 

Cancer is a complicated disease - there are often several different approaches to treat a particular type. 

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blueguide cancer treatment options consulting

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Read about real-life stories of cancer patients who have been assisted by our blueguide consultants while navigating their individual care concerns and reaching solutions.  More ›

  • “Knowledge is power. Understanding your situation lends strength toward seeking out resolution to broaden the horizons of your treatment path in a global application. Blueguide offers broad spectrum information gathering and disbursement toward successful treatment and management of a cancer diagnosis. Research is the key to managing and overcoming a cancer diagnosis. Support it, seek it out, and participate within it through clinical trials toward improved survival goals should that becomes your only option." Without hope, there is no moving forward. “Never Give Up, go around, go under, go through. But Never Ever Give Up”.”
    - ANDY (dx. metastatic adenocarcinoma of unknown primary)

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