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Support for individuals with cancer for navigating and expanding personalized treatment options.

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A cancer screening system to help individuals understand their risk of developing cancer.

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Virtual support services to help individuals and families as they navigate cancer.

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  • Kate has been with us over the past three years and we couldn't have done it without her. She has not only been our medical advocate but someone I also trust and would call a friend. This system in our country is so difficult to navigate especially when you have a cancer that is so rare. My husband was diagnosed with Epetheliod GMB and the only options we were given were chemo, radiation post surgery. There was nothing else, until we began working with Kate. My husband is now 4 years later and continuing to win his battle. I would recommend Kate to anyone looking for guidance, support and help through this very difficult journey.
    - Samantha G.
  • Dr Barett was great. She is knowledgeable, caring and showed a great deal of empathy and positive encouragement to my situation. She is also very connected in the world of cancer treatment
    - Tom A.
  • Without doubt this was the best decision I made in my cancer journey. Working with blueguide helped me navigate the complex treatment dynamics, while showing me options I was not aware of. I unequivocally recommend this service.
    - Ryan B.
  • Dr Kate is a tremendous resource for anyone going through cancer. She has helped navigate different potential treatments, doctors and medical facilities that we would never have been able to do on our own. She also is extremely patient and knowledgeable and helps guide me through my multiple imaging to really understand my situation. My wife and I really don’t know where we would be without her guidance and positive attitude. If there’s any doubt, I think it should be clear that we unreservedly recommend blueguide’s services.
    - Jeffrey H.
  • When my husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in June 2022, we were completely caught off guard. Then again, who is ever prepared. Within a matter of weeks we were told it was stage 4, nothing could be done. My 35 year career in the medical field did not prepare me for the struggle ahead. Without the guidance of Dr Kate Barrett, her patience and understanding, she helped us navigate the system, the tests, the medication, the treatments, and the questions to ask. Dr Barrett and her staff were absolutely amazing. I would totally direct anyone toward Dr Barrett and her team.
    - Dennise R.
  • As a nurse for over 4 decades, I have been involved in patient cancer care throughout my career. In 2023, cancer became very personal in our family, when my husband Lester was diagnosed with Stage 3C Melanoma. Dr. Kate Barrett has been our gift from God as she has walked us through a plan of care with professionalism and ongoing support. She has made herself available virtually to work with our local oncologist and overseen Lester's plan of care. We are one Immunotherapy treatment away from completion. If a cancer journey comes your way, you will never regret tapping into Kate's care and blueguide.
    - Karen B.
  • Dr Kate is an amazing person! Not only a fantastic doctor but so caring and kind to everyone under her care. I couldn’t be more grateful for how she treated me when I needed it. I am forever grateful and thankful to her!
    - Andrea S.
  • Dr Barrett and the Blueguide team have provided me and my family enormous relief in the midst of a cancer diagnosis. The original diagnosis was stressful and came with an overwhelming amount of information. Digesting all of the information ourselves was challenging when combined with arranging appointments, medication and continuing care. Dr Barrett is deeply compassionate and caring. She explained the treatment options in language we could all understand. For us, our initial consultation brought a real sense of relief. We had some information confirmed and many new important details filled in. Blueguide has been an amazing resource.
    - Duncan M.
  • I currently have Dr. Barrett helping me with my care and she is fantastic. I consider her to be informative and very patient oriented. She’s compassionate and kind. Thank you Dr. Barrett for all you have done for me.
    - Gail M.
  • Dr. Kate, founder of blueguide was recommended to us by a Doctor friend. Best advice, my treatment for my cancer has been so informative and I have been kept up to date with procedures and choices that I would not would have probably been aware of. I have no treatment regret because of Dr. Kate Barrett. She has given me great peace of mind.
    - Shelley P.

blueguide cancer resource management consulting

blueguide cancer consulting

blueguide is a private consulting service that provides patient-centric information and resources to expand options in cancer management.

Our consultants offer those diagnosed with cancer a path toward accessing advanced technology, expert physicians and emerging evidence.  Through a process directed by our clients, we explore and detail answers regarding personalized cancer treatment.

We are committed to the needs of patients and their families who are searching for help in understanding therapeutic choices, especially in the context of current clinical research and real-world evidence.  The goal of our service is to support and simplify the process of identifying the best options available for a patient's unique situation. 

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meaningful intelligence you can act on

blueguide aims to clear the horizon, bringing information that is relevant and actionable. 

Cancer is a complicated disease - there are often several different approaches to treat a particular type. 

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