PASS Program



blueguide has initiated a PASS program to help better understand your personal risk of developing a cancer

      → find out what individual factors are increasing your chances of having cancer, and what can be done today to prevent a diagnosis

      → our 4-step program takes about 90 minutes in total - steps can be divided at your convenience and completed from anywhere

  • receive individualized and actionable guidance regarding latest evidence-based screening
  • receive access to specialized testing options including hereditary genetic analysis, whole-body preventative imaging, skin lesions assessment, etc
  • receive information directly from caring and compassionate specialists that want to see you optimize your future, prevent illness, detect malignancies early, and live well

Our vision is to help motivate and empower others to define their risk factors, establish relevant prevention practices, and, in some cases, detect cancer early.


First Step - the contact form to receive our welcome letter and connect with a physician or genetic specialist

Fill our basic contact form please to the best of detail - within 24 hours, we will arrange our first meeting with a blueguide consultant for an virtual (video or phone) introductory intake survey and history review

Second Step - speak to us one-to-one

The blueguide consultant will listen carefully to your history and consider a variety of known causative risk factors centered on lifestyle (stress, diet, exercise, sleep, etc), medical history (other predisposing conditions), past / current environmental aspects and family history… (please allow 20 - 40 min of dedicated time)

Third Step - a formalized take-away

A PASS guidance report is then delivered to you including summary of personalized risk:

  • which malignancies might be most relevant to watch for given information you shared
  • what screening or specialized tests are available to gather further insight and accuracy around your cancer risk and/or early detection at your current age, as well as moving forward into your future
  • life-style modifications that are evidence-based, clear and realistic to follow

Fourth Step - empowerment, access, and action as desired

The initial consultation takes approximately an hour and involves more comprehensive questions and answers regarding your personal history and medical background.

Following this initial consultation, a case evaluation and summary is generated.

As our client, we outline key concerns that can be addressed - we may also suggest potential resources or treatment options that might be beneficial  - for example, timely gene panel testing, virtual dermatology specialist assessment, full-body MRI, etc. 

Additional meetings may then be arranged to follow up.

We create personalized accounts that capture discussion points from all meetings - these profiles are available for client reference.

We are actively engaged with our network of providers. We are continuously working on meaningful collaborations to offer options to our PASS platform clients - clinical trials in preventative monitoring / therapy, technology guidance tools (wearables, activity trackers, remote patient monitoring, functional medicine testing, etc.) and to incorporate other well-validated early detect algorithms and tools…. early detection saves lives. 

Already have a cancer diagnosis and need help with navigating your care path with an oncology specialist? – see form below

Already have a genetic test report and need help understanding next steps from a genetics specialist? - see form below

*Our services are also available in Hebrew and Spanish

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