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service fees

All new clients may schedule a free introductory assessment with one of our personal, physician consultants.


complimentary first meeting & history review

At this time, we offer a free introductory direct phone meeting for new clients. Once it is determined that blueguide can help, a structured history intake is completed with a one time consultation fee. 

A report is then generated that summarizes your profile and indicates how we can proceed. 

preliminary consultation & deposit

To begin the process as one of our clients, a deposit is made to secure your position and create an account where further meetings, research, etc. is recorded. The deposit is non-refundable.

Built into the consultation is personal blueguide consultant assignment, profile building, case summarizing and assessment, and documentation of proposed options.

Beyond this stage, fees are based on our consultant hourly rates.


on-going consultation & service fees

Fees for facilitating external second consultations and special genetics or imaging tests, etc., may be variable depending on your clinical situation and requirements.

In all cases, upfront 'best estimates' are generated to ensure alignment between blueguide and it's clients.

After the initial consultation, ongoing virtual meetings are invoiced at our professional hourly rates. 

As the disease course changes, trials investigative work, correspondence with treatment institutions, and personal support may be modified once you are an established client. 


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blueguide consultation fees may vary according to individual cases. As such, we invite you to inquire about more detailed and specific costs.

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During your first contact with blueguide, we'll determine if we can help you. There is no risk, and no obligation. Just people who care.

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